Ceremony & Reception

Saturday, September 23, 2017
4:00 p.m.

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation
154 Moody Street (entrance on Landry Way)
Waltham, MA

Getting there

Hotel Shuttles
Hyatt House
The shuttle will be making two trips to the venue. The first trip will leave at 3:15 p.m., the second one at 3:45 p.m. The shuttle will also bring you back to the hotel after the reception.

Hotel Indigo
Sorry guys, no shuttle for you. We will be providing Lyft codes though! We'll email the codes to you a day or two before the wedding. 

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation does not have its own parking. However, there are several public parking lots nearby. The museum provides this handy map.

All public parking is $0.50/hour until 6:00 p.m., so parking shouldn't cost more than $1.50 max, but payment options vary by lot as outlined below.

Here is an overview of your options: 

Embassy Street Lot
11 Cooper Street

Payment: cash at ticket kiosk (accepts coins and one dollar bills)

Definitely the best parking option as this is the closest you can get to the entrance by car and has a ton of space. (Do not be deterred by the lot’s somewhat sketchy appearance). The public parking here encompasses the lot off of Cooper Street as well as the brick parking deck on the left and another open parking lot on the other side of the deck.

To get to the museum from here, just go over the river and through the woods. No but really, walk toward the wooded area and look for the footbridge that leads across the river. Once over the river, the museum entrance is toward the right under a brick smokestack. There’s also lots of signs, so follow those and you should find your way easily.

Carter Street Lot
35 Carter Street

Payment: meters at individual spots (accepts quarters only)

This lot is next to the Waltham train station about 1/3-mile walk from the museum entrance.

Railroad Lot
95 Moody Street

Payment: cash or card at ticket kiosk (accepts coins and one dollar bills / Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)

This lot is along the train tracks west of Moody Street about a 1/4-mile walk from the museum entrance. This is the best bet if you do not have cash on you.

If you're going the ride service route, the best address to give them is the Embassy Parking Lot at 11 Cooper Street. See above for detailed footbridge instructions.

Finding the Door

Despite the official address, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation does not have an entrance on Moody Street. The main door can be found by going down Landry Way, which is (kind of) off of Moody Street. See the map below for (hopefully some) clarification.

Important Locations

Here is a Google map of all the locations discussed above.